Gera Octal Process

The name "vodka" is a diminutive form of the Slavic word voda (water), interpreted as little water.
Vodka manufacturing is an easy and simple process at first sight only. The manufacturing formula seems to be unsophisticated - it is mixing of water with alcohol; however, exerting every effort, exercising abundant professional skills and invoking the traditions are required in order to make it REALLY GOOD. "Alita" produced its first vodka bottles in the early 2000. This coincidence was symbolic, so it dictated the competitive oneness of the vodka - its INNOVATIVITY. The new Millennium symbolized the era of new technologies and modern solutions. The philosophy of the trademark of the vodka manufactured by "Alita":
  • An effective combination of manufacturing traditions and innovations.
  • Top quality and its assurance.
Vodka manufacturing is carefully and precisely controlled process. In the beginning, a thorough selection of cereal ethyl alcohol takes place. Before it's pouring into the tanks for
manufacturing, the alcohol is examined in several phases, starting by the tasting carried out by experienced professionals that assess the organoleptic properties of the alcohol and ending by an assessment of the properties of the alcohol using the modern device - gas chromatograph. Such control system ensures choosing the top quality ethyl alcohol and a stability of indicators of each batch of vodka. The second phase is water preparation. Only properly prepared water shall provide the desired properties of vodka and ensure its oneness. Even negligible impurities remained in water may pollute the vodka and cause an irreversible damage to the manufacturing process and the quality of  he product. In order to avoid such complications, all phases of the manufacturing must be executed in a consecutive order. Water is demineralized using the equipment produced by MANZINI Company (the ionic exchange system). In the opinion of a majority of the professionals, this system ensures the best water preparation for vodka manufacturing.
The chemical and physical indicators of water are thoroughly checked at a modern laboratory before its using in the manufacturing process. The third phase is mixing of vodka, its blending. The top quality alcohol[neutral grain spirit] and the water prepared in a special way do not ensure an oneness of the final product yet. Processing of vodka after the mixing is important as well. In this phase, the tradition of vodka manufacturing and the modern technologies merge into one process. The modern method of filtering ensures crystal clearness and particular delicacy of vodka after its flowing through carbon filters for three times; all quality indicators are constantly monitored, thus ensuring their stability. Activated carbon makes the scent and the taste of vodka more delicate and clear, because it absorbs the smallest undesirable components. So, the clearness and pureness of the final product are ensured by the thoroughly chosen raw material, i.e. cereal alcohol, the water processed up to crystal clearness and repeated filtering. Within six years of manufacturing, the professionals of the enterprise accumulated a considerable experience. Within the said period, tests were carried out seeking to increase the efficiency of the vodka processing and to develop vodka of exclusive clearness and delicacy.
Within three last years, the experiments were bound with the impact of deep cooling upon the quality of vodka and assimilation of the components. In addition this process capture's and removes odor's and gases. After long-lasting experiments, the new technology of vodka manufacturing was developed. The specialists of the enterprise named it OCTAL.
Octal Process, in short means it need only go through filtering and purification 3 times, to achieve the clear smooth taste, with less loss of proof! However the process of infusing the young vodka with oxygen under extreme cold removes more impurities than most competitors standard industry technique of 5-6 excessive filtering's and  leave our competitors products flat and harsh. Gera Vodka has the smoothest flavor of any Vodka we've tested to date! Try if for yourself and make your own comparison.